Friday, February 02, 2007

And Our Leaders Will Be Like Us, Witless

If I'm not going to use it, why should I pay for it?

This is the question taxpayers and lawmakers ask about everything from parks to secondary irrigation. It was asked recently in a finance committee meeting with respect to score keepers in the recreation department.

Here, in honor of Groundhog Day, is my latest answer to both the question above and to David Rodeback's limerick contest.

Some say that the library bores them.
Some say that the rec center gores them.
"Let our taxes," they say,
"For these interests not pay.
Give us back what we paid, ad valorem."

But take away arts, books and fitness --
Both Founders and sages bear witness --
And folk of our city
Won't be fit or witty,
And of crime we shall all be scared spitless.

For prose answers to this question, see my earlier post, "Nonessential Services?" or check out the article "Is It Fair that All Taxpayers Pay for Everything?" at (Yes. This is my husband. We often disagree about politics, but we see eye to eye on this one.)


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