Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Am looking at the date of the last post. August 24. Sheesh.

If you must know what happened, I will tell you. First, there was the water bond. An unbelievably intense period of research, evaluation, and public education.

Then the holidays were upon us. Need I say more?

My successful blogger friends tell me that the secret to successful blogging is to prioritize the blog. Accordingly, my new year's resolution is to blog faithfully once each week, no more, no less, rain or shine, news or none. I shall do it on Fridays, begging indulgence only during summer vacation, when my children's daytime presence will necessitate a shift to weekend blogging.

I know it seems wrong, but I usually do follow through on my new year's resolutions. Now that you know this, and now that I know you know it, there's no choice but for me to follow through!


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