Friday, January 05, 2007


January is aptly named for Janus, the Roman god of doorways and passages who is depicted with two faces on opposite sides of his head. In January, we look back on where we have been and forward to where we are going.

Looking backward, Councilmember Shirl LeBaron has listed highlights from 2006 in his blog, here.

Looking forward, Mayor Heber Thompson has listed priorities for 2007 in the January 4 American Citizen article, here.

Here follows my own personal to-do list for 2007. These are quality of life goals which pertain to my committee assignments. My hope is that these steps will inch us closer to the vision articulated in my campaign when I asked the question, "What Kind of City Do You Want to Live In?"


1. With the Mayor and City Council, work towards the Mayor's outlined objectives, including secondary irrigation, transportation, downtown revitalization, capital facilities planning, broadband transitioning, and the development of a sensitive lands ordinance.

2. Work with the Beautification and Shade Tree Committee toward becoming a Tree City, USA.

3. Work with a highly qualified task force to upgrade the Arts Council charter.

4. Establish a partnership between the Arts Council and The School of Music to stabilize and continue the tradition of excellence in our Concerts in the Park.

5. Work with the Library Board to inventory the library's holdings, a preparatory step to creating collection development goals that will meet the needs of our community.

6. Establish strong public communications policies and procedures for the City.

7. Assist with the creation of a mission statement for economic development in American Fork.

8. With the Public Works department, follow through on a promise made to the Shelley Elementary PTA by installing and repairing sidewalks on the school's Child Access Routing plan -- significant and meaningful progress toward the goal of safe routes to school.

9. Finally finish (if I may be so free with the English language) the parks bond by installing curb and gutter at Art Dye and Hunter Parks, and, if funds remain, finish the two unfinished ball diamonds at Art Dye park and install lighting at the skate park. Road upgrades in the neighborhood of the skate park were also promised, and I intend to agitate for this.

10. Do all the above within the limits of existing budget -- which, by interpretation, means no new tax increases.

There is a little-known law on the books which states that one blog post may not obligate future posts. Nevertheless, I predict that subsequent posts will see further development on many of these topics.


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