Monday, July 17, 2006

News from the Library Board

What is life's purpose? My opinion: It's to get the day's work done so I can get back to whatever book I've been reading. This is why I'm so excited about what's happening at our library.

Earlier this summer, the new automation system went live. Designed and installed by SirsiDynix and funded by a Library Services and Technology grant, this system not only allows users to access the stacks from home; it also makes American Fork's software compatible with that used by libraries in Lehi, Pleasant Grove, and Eagle Mountain.

When the stable fiber connection is laid (this will be authorized in the 2006 - 2007 budget), the system will be better than in place; it will be reliable.

In June, the City Council approved a slight fee increase to bring AF's out-of-town user fees in line with those collected in Lehi, Pleasant Grove, and Eagle Mountain.

Now add the talks which, at the request of the mayors, have been taking place between librarians and boards of the four above-named cities, and it means that the groundwork is nearly complete for reciprocal borrowing agreements with our sister libraries in the north county.

This is a great day for American Fork readers, many of whom have been asking for a wider range of resources than we have in our own library. Partnering with other cities will do more than provide AF residents access to more libraries; it will also draw readers from cities who don't presently operate libraries: Highland, Alpine, Cedar Hills, Saratoga Springs. With these users will come more funds -- whether assessed through individual user fees or by annual sums from their city budgets.

Either way, it adds up to more funding for more books -- in glorious fulfillment of life's purpose.

[Read more in last Friday's Daily Herald.]


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