Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Now Seeking Four More Years

I did it. I filed for re-election this morning.

This is not a decision to take lightly. Campaigning ranks on my list of fun somewhere below visiting the dentist and going through labor. But it is obviously the most important and necessary step for anybody interested in public office. I view the campaign itself as an act of service. It has more power to engage the public than any other discussion, and enables people and government jointly to sift through current issues and determine priorities.

I'm seeking a second term not because I think one good term deserves another, but because there's more I want to do. On this subject, read more at my campaign Web page. It is up and running today, though it is not complete. Tune back in over the coming month as I hope to nail in the planks of my platform soon.

A few housekeeping items are in order. I am no longer using my City email signature to promote my blog, as I am now a candidate and will avoid even the appearance of using City resources to further the campaign. Any campaign-related emails should be addressed to my personal account,

To those who follow this blog: My plan is to continue my present habit of providing detail on current council pursuits. I cannot cover every issue (never could) but will continue to post on whatever topics seem most relevant and most accessible in the occasional hours that pop up between council projects.

I signed a pledge this morning when I filed for office, a "pledge of fair campaign practices." It deals more with unethical practices than negative campaigning, but it appeals to me because I am by nature a positive campaigner. It makes no sense to catalog a colleague's demerits and leave voters without any sense of my own strengths. You can expect me to focus on my own record and views, leaving others to tell their own stories.

All other candidates will sign the pledge. You can read it below, then help keep us honest.


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